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Experience the benefits of our end-to-end Digital Asset Management suite, specifically designed for artists and catalog owners looking to take advantage of the growing demand for remixes. Our advanced licensing and audio editing features make it easy to capitalize on your content.

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Our platform makes it simple and enjoyable to remix tracks with our advanced audio features, including auto BPM synchronization and a variety of audio effects. Our intuitive user experience makes it easy to get creative and produce professional quality remixes. Whether you're an experienced producer or just starting out, our platform is perfect for anyone looking to create and distribute unique, high-quality music.

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Music Licensing

At Paradime Audio, we understand the importance of being able to sell the rights to create derivative works for catalog owners. That’s why we offer a robust set of options in a self-administered process to make it easy for artists to distribute their music. Whether you are an individual artist or an enterprise team, we make it easy for everyone to get their fair share of revenue. Our goal is to empower artists and catalog owners to capitalize on the demand for their content and take control of their own careers.

user friendly

At Paradime Audio, we offer a comprehensive Digital Asset Management suite to support artists throughout the entire lifecycle of their song. From sharing and collaborating with fellow team members to releasing high quality music in our marketplace, we have all the tools you need to succeed. Streamline your music creation and distribution process with our all-in-one platform.

LARELL (Christian Hip Hop Artist)
We are pleased to have LARELL as our first featured artist on Paradime. With popular songs such as "Someone Like Me" and 26,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, the up-and-coming Detroit native will be the first of many artists partnering with Paradime Audio to drop an exclusive Remix Contest. Learn more by clicking the link below!   

Remix Contest

Attention aspiring music producers!
Here is an opportunity to submit an exclusive Remix using the Paradime Audio platform for a legendary Hip-Hop music artist from Queens, NYC -
Curated by: Grammy Nominated music producer Baby Paul/BpZy (formerly of “Da Beatminerz”)
Enter your Remix submission and WIN 200 USDC as a prize, along with social media exposure!


Imagine remixing your favorite song and generating a lyric animation video all in the span of 5 minutes. We make it easy for anyone to create high quality lyric animation videos without tedious editing. Follow us on TikTok

How It Works

Looking to sell the rights to create remixes of your tracks? Follow these three easy steps:


Step 1: Upload your tracks and add relevant metadata for easy discovery.


Step 2: Create a marketplace listing, including all the rights holders of your track.


Step 3: After verification, users can purchase the rights to create remixes, creating a mutually beneficial agreement that generates residual income for the original artists while also allowing remixers to profit. Our platform makes it easy to capitalize on the demand for remixes and streamline the licensing process.


Remix Contest


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The Team

Kenoye Naku

Founder & Lead Architect

Dubem Okoye

Head of Operations Africa / Legal

Nhan Trieu

Head of Product Management

Tabarak Farah

Head of Business Development



A music remixing platform created as a new revenue stream for artists, producers, and music listeners alike. We allow artists and producers to sell licenses to their tracks and stems to their songs on the Blockchain.

Our team leadership were former music artists and producers. Thus, we have an inside leverage to the creative process and the struggle of releasing projects without piracy. Our services ensure your work will not be pirated. By obtaining licenses and legal clearance, you are able to remix however you see fit.

Our platform is free for everyone to sign up. However, you will not be able to start earning until you have access to legal clearance and licenses.

Users are able to upload their own beats and attain legal clearance of acapellas/beats and create a remix. They can interact with fellow creatives using our DAW to access stems of tracks.

Our premium services provide users with licenses to stems and exclusive tracks to legally remix songs and earn revenue per stream.

Our DAW will allow users to use Midi devices within the app. With future updates, you can even record, sample sounds and build your own projects.

Our remixing app is currently built only for desktop. Mobile version is not optimized yet. We will notify everyone with an account on Paradime.

Paradime will be widely available to music lovers of all genres. Although remixes were made popular within Hip Hop, we want our product accessible to everyone, even music novice.

Of course, we want to work with as many independent artists as possible. The more that you work and grow with us, the better we can build this community.